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Apex Legends Mobile has confirmed the arrival of an exclusive Legends character, Rhapsody. With their utility and skill set that can be used in a variety of situations, the legends themselves become the decisive victory. Rhapsody is an exclusive Legends that has been long-awaited and can now be played in future games.

If you’re curious, here’s some leaked information about Rhapsody’s new Legends in Apex Legends Mobile’s gameplay and skills!

Rhapsody gameplay leak, Legends Exclusive Apex Legends Mobile!

Rhapsody, according to the Apex Mobile Leaks YouTube channel, has three skills that can be used to gain advantages in the game. Starting with the passive skill that can be used to increase the sound of enemy players’ steps or footsteps. Tactical abilities that can be used to increase movement speed and recharge shields for teammates or yourself.

And lastly, the ultimate ability, which can be used to create a barrier that can be used to block the enemy’s view, does not block bullets from players.

Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody

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If you are interested, you can download Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS, or even though it is not recommended to use an emulator on a PC to play the game before trying the exclusive legends.

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