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With the impending release of Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, users are getting excited about new map leaks, new legends, and new modes that will be included in the BR (Battleroyale) game. Various leaks have occurred, revealing a little information about legends, maps, and additional material that will be included in the game.

Apex Legends Mobile – New Exclusive Legends with Code name ‘DJ’ aka Rhapsody

Information presented by Apex Mobile leaker ‘ThatOneGamingBot’ says that a new character with the name ‘DJ’ aka Rhapsody will become a new legend in the game. Although many people want to see the legend present and get the PC version, not a few people prefer an exclusive legend that distinguishes the two versions. Another rumour claims that the legends that had already been released Revenant and Wattson on PC will be the next legends to appear in the game, but if the rumours above are genuine and accurate, DJ will become an exclusive legend on mobile following Fade.

Although no leaked design of DJ, Nebula, a little robot dog, can be seen in the leaked images. Nebula is a purple electronic dog with a head that looks like an audio speaker. It is speculated that Nebula will become a friend or partner of the DJ that can be used to find out where the enemies are. Given the name and Nebula, these Legends are likely to become legends with the ability to use voice.

However this leak is not yet confirmed, but it indirectly reveals that Respawn wants to make a unique game that is different, to present gameplay that is fresher than the PC version.

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If you are interested, you can download Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS, or even though it is not recommended to use an emulator on a PC to play the game.

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