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Odette Mobile Legends, a while ago it was rumoured that she would get a new skill to revamp up to 4 skills. This information turned out to be incorrect, but the skill effect given in the leaked image is true. Because recently, Moonton presented a new patch that released Odette’s ultimate skill revamp with the same effect. Making her the most unreasonable hero right now!

Revamp Odette Mobile Legends Has Unbelievable Damage!

Odette Revamp Mobile Legends

Odette, before the revamp is a hero who must be on guard when using her ultimate. This is because he is very vulnerable to CC effects which can eventually make his skills unusable. However, in the latest update provided by Moonton, Odette can now cast her Ultimate skill, and create a clone in the middle of a match, to give the same ultimate effect and cannot be targeted. This clone can also do more damage with the Oddete passive effect so it can do Twice the damage, with the ultimate damage effect and melody jump.

The buff/revamp given by Moonton is certainly very unreasonable because Odette herself was previously a different hero from the others. With high damage and large AOE. Odette users have to be careful when they have to enter the war, giving poke damage first, CC effects, and finally issuing the ultimate with life dependents, High-Risk High Returns.

However, this change in Ultimate Odette’s effect, if actually done by Moonton, will change the high risk of Odette with high damage, so that it can be used whenever he is to kill his enemy from a safe distance.

But what do you think? Is this Odette revamp a joy for you users of the hero mage? or even normal?

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