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A new feature that has never been shown in the MOBA game has finally appeared in the Mobile Legends game. Called Sentry Vision, this mechanic can be used to show the part of the forest you have from the base, to show where enemy players are hiding or stealing your team’s buffs.

New Features of Mobile Legends ‘Sentry Vision’

Sentry Vision Mobile Legends

In the latest Mobile Legends patch update, Sentry Vision can be found on the inside of your wall base. Here the player only needs to stand on the circle as shown above to activate it. By standing for 1-2 seconds, players will collect the energy in your base which is then thrown into the jungle part of your team, showing and opening the map without any danger of being hit by a gank from the enemy.

Sentry Vision Mobile Legends

This effect lasts for a few seconds and shows your jungle part to the lord or turtle part. By using this feature, players can minimize being hit by ganks in the mid-late game. This skill also has a cooldown of 90 seconds, so it cannot be used at that time.

However, the presence of Sentry Vision will certainly be very interesting for future gameplay.

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