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Fans of Genshin Impact may have been anticipating the arrival of a new region by the name of Sumeru since it was first revealed in the trailer in 2020. But since the leaked Sumeru characters were released online a while ago, some players are worried that the developer is doing “Whitewashing.”

Genshin Impact Sumeru ‘Whitewashing’

Genshin Impact Whitewashing Sumeru

Whitewashing or the practice of white people playing people of colour is considered by the Genshin Impact community in the new Sumeru region. This is because Sumeru is a region based on Southwest ASia and North Africa (SWANA). Trailers featuring characters from Sumeru have Egyptian heads, and many NPCs from the region have Arabic or Sanskrit names. Before the character was released on the Internet, many fans of Genshin were worried about how this Shanghai-based studio could bring characters that had the SWANA race into the game.

This is because generally the characters from Genshin have light skin colour, and all NPC characters in Sumeru have the same colour. So even when the leaked character designs are not the character designs that will be released in the game, many players are not optimistic about Sumeru’s character and think that the design does not represent the people of Southwest Asia and North Africa.

This is not the first time that Genshin Impact Players called for Hoyoverse Cultural Problem

Genshin Impact Whitewashing Sumeru

Please note that this is not the first time fans have been criticized for online representation. A while ago, Fans discovered that a video from developer Genshin which revealed that Hilichurl was using traditional dances ended up being a problem. In addition, fans are also concerned about Kaeya’s skin colour, which is referred to as Exotic, which is another problem which was finally fixed in the next patch update.

Genshin Impact Whitewashing Sumeru

If the developer doesn’t accommodate critical feedback from players, it’s possible that more than a year of Genshin content will offend some people. Problems related to the misrepresentation of the SWANA character will bring scorn and criticism from fans who are already in the Genshin Impact fandom. Some people want a representation of the SWANA region in Sumeru as a whole with a mix of existing cultures, this is because the previous region was based on Germany, China, and Japan.

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Well, what do you think? Do you agree that the representation of the Sumeru Genshin Impact region does not represent the culture and culture of SWANA with Whitewashing? Or is it just the Genshin Impact community overreacting?

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