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ElChicoEelvee, a Pokemon Unite Datamine or leaker, just revealed several future updates that would be added to the game. Intriguingly, this leak also reveals new Pokemon, new clothing, and much more, in addition to the event. If you play Pokemon Unite, the following information is for you!

New Pokemon Unite Buzzwole and Tyranitar In-Game Release Date

Pokemon Unite Buzzwhole

Pokemon Unite Tyranitar

According to the leak, the new Pokemon Buzzwole and Tyranitar will be released on August 8 and August 16. In addition, this Pokemon will also be presented together with holowear  that is provided along with a Pokemon license at a discounted price.

New Holowear, Skins, and Accessories for your Character!

Pokemon Unite Skins

This update to the Pokemon Unite game includes a selection of skins for your in-game avatar. Beginning with the Glaceon Set Clothing, the avatar will wear a cool outfit with a blue hue, as well as other sets of outfits comparable to Tyranitar and Buzzwole.

Datamine also discovered a new set of accessories, including a little backpack with a Pokemon face that your avatar can wear.

In addition, the new Holowear for Alolan Ninetails will include a tuxedo that will become exclusive to Holowear in August. Holowear Decidueye, which will be a prize from the ranked season, as well as Noble Style Aegislash and Cinderace, who wears a tuxedo, will also be available in August.

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If you are Interested, the Pokemon Unite MOBA game can be played for free on AndroidiOS, and PC by using an emulator!

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