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According to a recent leak by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends Mobile’s ranked mode will soon be able to use legends perks. Previously, these perks were only available in unranked mode, where players could employ their legends with their upgraded overpowered abilities which offered more exciting gaming.

Despite the fact that some enthusiasts of the battle royale genre are apprehensive about disruptions to the game’s competitive balance, this component is incredibly intriguing for casual players who simply wish to have fun.

Apex Legends Mobile

Currently, perks are divided into three categories: General, Finisher, and Ability, each of which grants a little benefit to the user. For example, Wraith has the ability to gain immunity when utilizing Into the Void, his tactical talents and many more. Perks itself includes a range of interesting alternatives for those who have finished the legends mastery. Players can use a number of fascinating perks to increase skills starting from passive, and tactical to ultimate legend.

Even so, it has not been verified whether this would be done by Respawn, or this is just an experiment in the game for future release.

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If you are interested, you can download Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS, or even though it is not recommended to use an Emulator on a PC to play the game.

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