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KEMCO has recently launched pre-registration for its upcoming JRPG, Alphadia Neo. This game’s pixel art graphics and turn-based RPG with old school feel that makes it perfect for smartphone users who enjoy classic games.

Alphadia Neo follows the exploits of a hero who has lost his memories. On his travels, he encounters a princess and learns that her kingdom was devastated by a war fought over a substance called ‘Energi.’

Alphadia Neo Kemco

Alphadia Neo Kemco

The innovative turn-based fighting system in Alphadia Neo allows players to enhance their character’s powers by utilizing Energy. In addition to learning combinations and unlocking new powers, players may do much more to help their team win battles.

If you are interested in the JRPG game, you can now pre-register on Alphadia Neo on Google Play for Android games that can be played on a PC via an emulator!

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