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Klee is one of the characters from Genshin Impact which is quite popular all over the world, including in China. July 27th is the birthday of Klee Genshin Impact, and Hoyo, in order to celebrate the birthday of the character with the pyro element, the game company rent out a mall and introduce Klee to the world by using a Jumbotron.

You can see the image below:

In Genshin itself, a rerun banner in version 2.8 for Klee is also presented by Hoyoverse to give players the opportunity to get the character. Klee itself is a Pyro element character in the game with quite OP abilities. She is popular because of his cute and innocent temprament with the elven race who has the ability to release a bomb to blow up everything in the game.

Previously, Klee also becomes the mascot for University in China, introducing a new game development course for the country.

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