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Free skins are probably one of the things that Moonton players love the most. Even so, players don’t necessarily get free skins in the Mobile Legends game. However, there will be several events that can be used to get free skins from Moonton. The new information reveals that Mobile Legends will soon release a new event to commemorate the anniversary of Mobile Legends with a Harley skin as a free gift.

Harley Mobile Legends Get Free Skins As a Birthday Celebration

Harley Mobile Legends

Similar to the previous anniversary, this time Moonton will provide an event for the Mobile Legends Harley hero in the game. The information provided by the Eidura channel’s youtube account shows that the latest Harley skin looks very impressive.

In addition, at the Mobile Legends anniversary event, players can also get frames, recall effects and of course emblems that can be used to improve their character’s skills.

It’s not clearly confirmed, and this information is still just a rumour, but what do you think?

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