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Mythic is a rank where pro-Mobile Legends players, or those who are considered to have higher skills than the average player. Interestingly, these Mythic players generally play META Mobile Legends heroes, who generally have the most OP abilities and skills on the patch. At the beginning of the latest season of Mobile Legends itself, Beatrix was the one who became one of the most popular heroes because of her abilities.

Mobile Legends – Beatrix Very Popular in Mythic Ranks and Above

In the picture above, we can see that the popularity of the hero Beatrix is ​​quite popular in the game. Beatrix has a stat with over 59.74% win rate, 7.77% popularity and 13.76% banned rate.

This is probably due to Beatrix’s own skill set, with its flexible ability to change weapons in various situations. Beatrix is ​​able to kill people who gang up on the marksman hero, with this flexibility it is not surprising that Beatrix herself is a favourite of Mythic hero players at rank 400+ and above.

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