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Mobile Legends often provides interesting updates to bring a new and fresh experience to its players, one of which is a new arcade mode called Hyper Blend Mode. The actual mode has been released on the advance server, However in the future it will be released soon, precisely on August 9th on the Original server. Here is a little explanation of the new mode.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Presents Hyper Blend Mode!

The Hyper Blend mode provided by the latest Moonton allows players to add skills to the heroes they use so that they are more fun to play. Similar to the classic mode of Mobile Legends itself, the objective of this game is to destroy the enemy base while using heroes with various roles.

The difference here is, players will not use the normal skills of each existing hero, but add a new extra skill from the hero you are using. These extra skills will be changed into various categories starting from Damage type blink/dash, Buff, Special, Survival, Control and so on. Please note that all the extra skills given by players 1 and other players are different so depending on the skill of the enemy’s choice, players will get a variety of interesting skills and combos

Hyper Blend Mode Release Date

This new arcade mode will arrive on August 9th, a few days before the release of Fredrinn’s new fighter/tanker hero. If you are interested, you can download and play the Mobile Legends game right now, before the release of the new mode that offers a newer and fresh playing experience.

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC:

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