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The ARPG game Diablo Immortal, based on the ARPG game of the same series, had a mini-update on August 4 that included the third season of the battle pass. This battle pass comes with new cosmetics, rewards, and loot, as well as used equipment. In addition to the update, players receive two in-game events that add something fresh to the game.

Diablo Immortal Mini Updates Introduce Many Contents

Diablo Immortal Battle Pass

Those who reach level 40 will receive the Aspect of Justice cosmetic armour, which will transform them into an angel capable of slaying their foes. This armour is unlocked with the game pass. At level 1, players will receive an Aspect of Justice weapon skin that gives all weapons a massive scythe shape regardless of what class they use. Intriguingly, this battle pass comes with legendary gems, crests, hilts, and other items.

The 2 new events described are daily events and large-scale events that are limited in availability. The daily event named Invasion of the Wrathborne will offer you a challenge in which you must slay bosses and minions in several waves to obtain gear and enchanted dust. The following week, from August 12-15, there will be a limited-time event called Hungering Moon, which will present you with a task to obtain Moon Sliver, which can be traded for numerous tempting prizes.

If you are interested, you can download and play the Diablo Immortal game right now on Android, iOS, and PC.

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