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The most popular songs on TikTok are really easy to listen to. Do you not agree? It is therefore not surprising that many individuals download it for use as a movie background or for other uses. Are you among them? Actually, there is no possibility to download songs within the TikTok program. Downloading TikTok sounds therefore requires a downloading website or application. Here, you’ll find instructions on how to simply download any of these songs!

How to Download TikTok Sounds Without Using Any Apps at all!

If you are in need for a TikTok sound but lack storage space or do not wish to install extra apps? There is a way to download TikTok sounds; simply copy and paste the URL, then click the download button. You can do all of these in less then 10 minutes!

1. SSSTik

Download TikTok Sounds Without Using Any Apps

The first option is the SSSTik site. This site, which can be accessed for free, provides features for downloading sound and MP4 without a watermark. To use it, you just have to:

  • Open TikTok
  • Find a video that has the sound you want
  • Click ‘Share’, then copy the link
  • Go to SSSTik
  • Paste the link to the box provided
  • Click ‘Download’, then specify a save location.

2. TTSave

Download TikTok Sounds Without Using Any Apps

TTSave is an alternate website for downloading soundTikTok. Unlike Kapwing, which can edit, TTSave exclusively offers watermark-free music and movie downloads. How to utilize it specifically:

  • Open TikTok and copy the link of the video whose audio you wish to download.
  • In your browser, navigate to
  • Insert the copied link into the download field.
  • Click “Download” and choose a location to store the file
  • Done.

3. LoveTik

Download TikTok Sounds Without Using Any Apps

There is no need to give up mobile device storage space needed for applications. Lovetik is accessible for free on its website. You only need internet to download your favorite TikTok sound adequately. How to download TikTok sounds through LoveTik without an application:

  • When you launch TikTok, you can find videos with the audio you prefer.
  • Click “Share,” then copy the video’s link.
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Paste the link you already copied; then, save.

4. TTDownloader

If you are looking for another alternative, then TTDownloader is one of the best. The site is free to use and is accessible immediately by simply using the url. Here you can download your favorite TikTok MP3 without any app. Here’s how to use it:

  • Launch TikTok app and find the video audio that you want
  • Click “Share,” and then copy the video link
  • Open the web browser and go to
  • Paste the link and then click Convert!

There you have it, 4 easy ways that you can use to download your TikTok Sounds without using any apps. Hopefully this will let you help you make a really good content, and listen to what you want easily. If you are still interested, we have other easy way and tips to help you with your tech problem. Check out our roonby for more information!

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