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New Dawn is perhaps one of the most sought-after mobile MMORPG currently. The game is poised to become the next big mobile game because of its high-quality graphics and survival RPG-style gameplay. However, it is currently unknown when the game will be available on the app store.

Those that are interested in the game might want to register on the New Dawn next CBT that’s going to happen in August. There’s going to be a major update for the beta test, that finally allows you to play with other people on the same server. There might also be some other changes from the previous beta, and most importantly there are also many other updates that are going to be included in the game.

If you are interested, New Dawn the next big MMORPG Game is playable on android, and PC by using an emulator, so for those that are interested, you might want to sign up now on this link here!

About New Dawn MMORPG Games:

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New Dawn is a game in which the player can make their own epic adventure. Dive into the breathtaking open world! Explore the terrain for various biomes, artifacts, and puzzles… As with all new tales, an ancient land that has lain dormant for millennia awaits your awakening. Efforts to Survive When everything else has vanished, just the enormous natural treasures found throughout the region will remain.

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