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There are so many intriguing games being developed each month with distinct genres each time. Of course, not all of it was good, and because of that roonby must assemble a list of the most fascinating games that you can play each of the coming months. This list is for August 2022, and today we will provide you with some of the best android games that you should check out!

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1. Hurry-Scurry

Join the great race as soon as possible, as it has enormous competitors, treacherous hurdles, crazy settings, and a massive dose of cartoon craziness. In this hilarious, addicting, and surprisingly difficult running game, your character may not have the physique of a typical athlete.

However, if you can use your character’s impressive bulk to overcome a variety of obstacles, knock your similarly oversized competitors off the course, and be the first to bumble across the finish line, you can get your extra weight on the podium and become the big race champion.


2. Project Arrival

The world is invaded by aliens and destroyed in the cosmic war one hundred years from now. The life of humans is in danger as toxins are out of control, evil energies are manifesting everywhere, and extraterrestrial genes are eroding, mutating an increasing number of plants and animals. What will you do as a survivor in such a world?

The collapse of social order during the apocalypse turns the familiar world into a dangerous wasteland filled with ravaging alien animals. You must make every effort to survive in Doomsday, collect necessary resources, construct a shelter, and make weapons to rekindle humanity’s light. You are helpless and rooted in nowhere. We have hope still!


3. Ninja Soul

Ninja Souls is a Roguelite- and Metroidvania-inspired platform action game. Yachiyo Tachibana, a female ninja, gained the ability to “recall death” by mistake; she will be reincarnated in battles and deaths repeatedly. Discover who is behind the scenes and what the truth is in this former nation.

In each life, you will encounter unique foes and prizes due to the game’s never-repeating level-building mechanism. Effective treasure system In “Demon Sword Retreat,” there are numerous prize talents and a potent entry system; each skill can be paired with other abilities, and the entry can even directly alter the skill’s scope and form!


4.Endless Nightmare: The Prison

This time on Endless Nightmare: The Prison, it’s a little like Outlast, but you can fight. Players must escape a jail filled with inmates who have been turned into zombies. For greater variety, the game permits the use of weapons ranging from hammers to firearms. Intriguingly, sound mechanics have also been incorporated into the game, which players can exploit to their advantage. Endless Nightmare Prison is presently in CBT, but interested gamers can already download and play it!


5. Project W

Project W is a TURN-BASED ROLE-PLAYING GAME in which you command a group of HEROES and go on a FANTASTIC adventure. In this planet where the gods of light and darkness coexist, heroes of many classes join forces to investigate an ancient epic power. In the land of magic, players will control heroes to combat ancient demons. You will progressively uncover the world’s history and secrets as your adventure progresses.

Project W is a dark fantasy action-adventure game developed with Unreal Engine 4. Excellent visuals and fluid fighting allow players to freely explore the magical environment. The game offers a highly realistic light and shadow effect, and players can easily perceive the atmospheric shifts. Project W is still in its early phases of development, and excellent quality will continue to be one of its guiding design concepts.


6. Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile

The new smartphone game “Fullmetal Alchemist MOBILE” based on the popular manga by Hiromu Arakawa will be produced! In Fullmetal Alchemist mobile, users can utilize a variety of character abilities, perform combinations with other players, and eliminate obnoxious foes.

This game’s mobile version is a reproduction of the animated game series, so even those unfamiliar with the tale of Edward and Alphonse Elric’s search for the truth about Human Transmutation and the Philosopher’s Stone can enjoy it. The game’s gameplay is primarily centered on a turn-based RPG system, and it has high-quality gameplay, effects, and graphics.


7. Aero Tales Online

Aero Tales Online is a new anime-themed free-to-play MMORPG with great PvP and PvE features. You will be immersed in the strange tale of the Skylight Key. Choose a side, personalize your character, and enjoy the voyage through Aero World! You can engage in action-combat or tab-target fighting in Aero Tales Online.

Differentiate yourself with several combo combinations and gameplay styles! Class-specific combat styles and equipment. Choose a side, personalize your character, then enter the game with your customized character.


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