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Only a few days remain before the global release of the Tower of Fantasy video game. The developer of limitless level’s most recent MMORPG has become one of the most anticipated titles, especially on the Mobile platform.

The developer himself has revealed the game’s official release date. Fans of mobile games will have to wait until August 11, 2022, for the debut of this game. However, the game is said to be released not without a bug at all.

Tower of Fantasy

We recognize that Tower of Fantasy will have numerous flaws and we will continue to work diligently on its development, but some bugs and issues may be unavoidable once the game is actually published. We anticipate the likelihood that some of these issues will arise.

The developer also noted that any updates to the game will be made “publicly and openly,” and to prevent users from losing progress, they intend to fix the bug as quickly as possible. If a bug causes you to feel offended, the developer will prepare compensation.

Before publishing the game, the developer has added a number of enhancements. Some enhancements include a reduction in mission difficulty and the addition of language texts. In addition, Tower of Fantasy will feature SSR weaponry that may be claimed after finishing quests.

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