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Apps can be used for various purposes, such as communication, business, and education. The main types of mobile phone applications are Android and iOS apps. The app interface is a crucial part of its development phases. Its user end helps people interact with the back end. Due to this, an app interface should provide an excellent user experience. An app meant for improving knowledge is critical in today’s society. It should have sets of features that allow users to access all the necessary information they need. Here are great Android apps with an excellent interface for enhancing knowledge.

6 Best Android Apps with Great Interface for Improving Knowledge


Udemy is an excellent choice when you are looking to increase your skills. It contains courses fit for personal development, business, and web development. Its key features include audio lectures, quizzes, text lectures, and subtitles. Users can use the app to search for specific course categories.

They can post reviews, write notes, view reviews, and download certificates. Users have access to supplementary resources and can read or post questions. The app contains several payment methods. Users can use the app to build their courses.

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Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is an important learning app with a wide array of features. Users can access millions of books through the app. Its main  highlight is the e-reader, which enables users to read thousands of books. It has an excellent video streaming feature and a music playing feature.

Its latest web connection feature allows users to connect via 4G networks. Its high contrast feature allows users to read outdoors under bright sunlight. It can be used to adjust text size, flip pages, and use its inbuilt keyboard to search books.



YouTube is the perfect app when you want a unique entertainment experience. It can be used to stream music, videos, watch the news and gather information. Users can use it to learn about cooking, creating a car, space science, and many more. Its key features allow users to search and watch videos.

You can use the app to create customized YouTube channels or upload videos. It has a subscription feature to allow users to create follower lists. Users can see total views, likes, and comments on their videos. The bell feature encourages people to subscribe to the channel.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture provides content from more than 2,000 museums. Users use the app to find artworks according to artists. Its key features help users change their photos into artworks. It has a feature for a museum tour, art exploration, and 3D adventure.

It has features for a travel guide and game time for entertainment. Users can explore virtual galleries around the world from their homes. They can use AR to search for prehistoric creatures and view them on their screen. Any type of art or culture a user can ever think about is available on this app.


Photomath is built for use by kids who want to learn math at a higher level. Kids of any age can use the app to learn math, thanks to its unique features. Its key features include the functions feature. It is used to find a domain, X/Y intercepts, inverse functions, and many more. Its calculus feature calculates integrals, identifies conics, and calculates limits. The complex numbers feature is used for operations with complex numbers. It is used to find absolute values and equations. The sequence feature is used to identify geometric and arithmetic sequences.


SoloLearn is a good choice for users who want to learn to code. The app is free and contains multiple apps within it. Each app contains coding lessons for each programming language. Its main features include crowd learning, learning by doing, and unbound learning.

The crowd learning feature allows users to learn at the social level. The learn by doing feature allows practice between lessons. The unbound learning feature allows users to decide when they want to learn and where to learn from.


The development of learning apps helps enhance knowledge and personal development. Developers need to include interfaces that improve interaction and accessibility. The features must allow smooth communication and remote access. Android users have access to a wide range of apps for enhancing knowledge.

These are apps such as Amazon Kindle, YouTube, Udemy, and Photomath. They have excellent features such as page flipping, total views, and calculus. SoloLearn is an excellent app for learning various coding languages.

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