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Much like Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy actually has many interesting hidden puzzle that you can use to get the hidden chest. In the game, interestingly enough, the hidden puzzle is not that hard to understand. One of which is the hidden song puzzle in the Ring of Echo near Astra.

Tower of Fantasy Hidden Song Puzzle in Ring of Echo!

To get to the, hidden puzzle, you will need to navigate to the Ring of Echoes that’s located in Astra. There you will find a bunch of different platforms that you can step to make a sound. One of the platforms is going to light up, and if you step on it, a different platform is going to light up also.

Tower of Fantasy Hidden Puzzle

After stepping through 3-5 different platforms, the middle platform is going to change and give you a treasure chest.  Also because the game is an MMORPG Games, only one person per channel will need to do this hidden puzzle to get the treasure chest. There’s no need for 2 or more people to be doing the same puzzle at a time. For those that are currently looking for a free Dark Crystal, you could definitely use this to puzzle to get it.

There are certainly other intriguing puzzles in the game that may be solved, so if you’re interested in Tower of Fantasy, we recommend that you read our post here to learn the most recent information, tips, and strategies.

Players may finally add their friends who play the Tower of Fantasy game together with the help of a brief guide that can be found above. This will make it much simpler to participate in raids, instances, and hunts. Hopefully, this little guide will be able to help you out, and Roonby is going to give you more guides regarding Tower of Fantasy.

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