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Tower of Fantasy is finally available for download, so if you’ve been holding out, you can play it on your smartphone right away. In comparison to the games it inspired, the Tower of Fantasy game has a more contemporary sci-fi fantasy concept. It is an MMORPG game comparable to Genshin, with tons of characters to interact with, if you are a little confused, Here are some character lists from Tower of Fantasy that you can interact with and might be able to acquire in the future if you’re interested. Check out the article below!

Tower of Fantasy characters!


The main mascot of games like Paimon, he will accompany you on your adventures in Aida. Although it has no other function other than being an additional character, Mi-A is quite cute wearing her maid outfit and quite the sassy character.


Our cute lovely supporter, our second mascot after Mi-A who helps us in everything we need in Tower of Fantasy game.


Zeke, Shirli’s older brother who became a saint in Tower of Fantasy who wants to help everyone in Aida. Yes, even so, we don’t know if it’s really good or just an image. Pretty protective of his sister and siscon.


One of the most popular characters because he uses a unique weapon and has been shown in several Tower of Fantasy video gameplay. This cat girl is an antisocial scientist who uses a unique weapon, the chakram, which can be used to kill her enemies.


One of the 15-year-old Tower of Fantasy characters, Zero is arrogant, arrogant and knows what he wants.


And for you fans of Diluc in Genshin Impact, you can use King who has similar abilities, similar designs, and of course similar temperaments.


Tsubasa is a Tower of Fantasy character who uses a bow and arrow. Having a spunky and cool personality, this character likes his freedom and finds it difficult to stay in one place.


Cocoritter is a tower of fantasy character and a unique healer with cryo abilities. Having a small summon, this character seems to want to save people trapped in this post apocalyptic world.


Meryl is the Ice Queen of the game because of her design and personality. Meryl is a senior executioner in Hykros who has high performance in battle, which makes her lonely because of her awesome skills, making her unapproachable.


Crow is not only cool, but also has interesting electro abilities. Having roles like rogues or assassins, it looks like Crow can kill everyone who interferes with him. What’s more, this design similar to the main character DanMachi makes people look at Crow with a different perspective.


Our very beautiful gunner, Samir presents an energy big sister for those who like badass beautiful characters!


Our main antagonist is Frigg. Has a disciplined and unforgiving personality. Having a scarlet-like design from Fairy Tail, it looks like Frigg will be a character that many people like.


Nemesis becomes an antagonist character similar to Signoria in the game. The difference here is that she gets horrific mutations and experiments that make him a cold-blooded killer.

Those are some unique and interesting characters that can be seen in the Tower of Fantasy game. Keep in mind, Tower of Fantasy is not Genshin Impact, with a variety of different features that can be played as examples of character customization that Genshin does not have and so on. If you’re interested, you can download Tower of Fantasy right now on Android, iOS, and PC!

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