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Finally, NetEase Games has released some brand-new details about their newest survival sandbox mobile game, Once Human. The first trailer for Once Human was shown concurrently with the Once Human Game receiving a panel at IGN Summer Gaming.

Today, the game’s creator revealed brand-new details for players, including the monster Arachsiam’s history and its creation mechanics. One of the bosses in the game is the horrific Once Human monster known as Arachsiam, who hails from another dimension.

The stardust infection gives it the power and form of a sinister design with a human head on the front that signifies how many victims it has eaten. It has a very huge spider-like shape and hides in mountains and valleys. This species will create a net inside the house and is very protective of the areas it controls. This Arachsiam poison includes a neurotoxic that causes paralysis in individuals who are exposed to it.

Following that, Once Human also provided some design details pertaining to the in-game development mechanism. With a DIY system, players can construct territories in a variety of game landscapes, including woods, deserts, and valleys. There will be an upgrade system to give adversaries in this post-apocalyptic world advanced defense, which is fascinating because houses can be composed of wood, stone, aluminium, and other materials with varying levels of resilience.

Once Human

Players can register for Once Human’s CBT if they’re interested, and further details are available on the game’s official website.

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