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The August update in Pokemon Unite brings a variety of new content including new Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. A few moments ago, players got a leak related to the new Pokemon that will be released in the Pokemon MOBA game, namely Scizor, Mew and Dodrio. Although he doesn’t have any leaks related to the moveset from Mew and Dodrio, a Youtuber named Phil Youmus has provided a leak of the Scyther or Scizor skills in the Pokemon Unite game. The following is information related to the moveset from Scizor and Scyther, see the article below!

Scizor and Scyther Skill Leaks in Pokemon Unite Game!

Pokemon Unite

Passive Ability- Technician

  • Every time you use a move, the basic attack of this pokemon will turn into 2 basic attacks in a row. Provides reduced damage. The skill becomes a boosted attack every 3 hits, giving additional damage and increasing the player’s movement speed in the near future.

Skill 1 – Fury Cutter

  • This type of bug skill will deal 2x damage in the form of a cone in the selected area, dealing damage with second greater damage than the first.

Upgrade skill 1 – DUAL WING-BEAT (If Scyther Doesn’t Change)

  • Deals damage in a large X-shaped area in front of Scyther, this skill will restore the HP of Scyther if it hits the enemy in the middle of X, and if it hits the enemy it can be reused. After that, the player can use the skill again to dash to the specified area, dealing damage to the enemy, and the less the enemy’s HP, the higher the damage dealt.

Upgrade skill 1 – Bullet Punch (If Scyther turns into Scizor)

  • This type of steel skill gives a dash effect to the player in the specified area, and hits the enemy with a big punch. If this skill hits the enemy, the CD of the skill will decrease, and the player will recover their HP based on the damage dealt, If the bullet punch is reused, within the specified time, the damage dealt will increase along with the number of hits.

Skill 2 – Quick Attack

  • This skill allows the user to dash, dealing damage to the hit enemy.

Upgrade skill 2 – Double Hit

  • The user will advance towards the enemy, dealing marks and damage. If it hits the enemy, the user will jump to the specified area, and if it hits the enemy again, the next basic attack will be boosted with high damage. Furthermore, if an enemy is killed, all CDs from Scizor or Scyther will be reset.

Upgrade Skill 2 – Sword Dance

  • The user will dash forward at close range, increasing damage for a while, and increasing attack power. Can be stacked, and if it reaches 8 stacks, the basic attack becomes AOE which will penetrate the enemy in 1 line.

Unite Move

  • For Scyther, players will dash and inflict damage to enemies, removing 5 copies of Scyther and dealing damage to enemies that hit them and give a mark. The copy of the Scyther will then return to the player and if reused in the near future, will issue the coffee to deal back damage. If the pokemon hit by the mark is killed, the player will get a cooldown reduction from the scyther move.
  • For Scizor, players will dash forward and hit the targeted enemy, dealing damage and reducing movement speed. With the last hit, Scizor will issue 5 copies, dealing damage and reducing the enemy’s movement speed for a while. If reused, the player will dash into enemies and hit the ground, dealing AoE damage. If the enemy pokemon hits the coffee from Scizor, the enemy will be stunned.

Scizor and Scyther will be the first Pokemon to have the option to remain immutable. Players are free to choose whether they want to remain Scyther or Scizor when playing the pokemon. It is reported that this Pokemon will be present on September 29, 2022, but there has been no official statement from the Pokemon Company or Tencent regarding this.

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