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Tencent Games Assault Games is now one of China’s most popular MMOFPS titles. The game that combines sci-fi themes with conventional MMOFPS characters has been immensely popular in the land of the panda since its initial release. It is rumoured that a mobile version of the game will be released under the moniker NZ Mobile due to its popularity.

The renowned game Assault Fire is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter in which players wage war against mutants. Prior to engaging in combat on the battlefield, players will choose from sides, and similar to Assault Fire, NZ Mobile will also have similar settings.

NZ Mobile

NZ Mobile

However, the story will be different, as the mobile version will take place at a time when mysterious energy has destroyed the planet. In NZ Mobile, a tiny number of humans exist in the world after the unexplained energy arises, and players will assume the role of military personnel tasked with discovering the cause of the chaos and the means to restore human civilization.

Fans who have been awaiting the mobile release of Tencent’s Assault Fire game can now do so. With the release of Tencent’s concept trailer for the mobile game Assault Fire, which is extremely popular in the Chinese first-person shooter community, users are now gaining insight into the mobile game. Even so, the release date of the mobile MMOFPS game Assault Fire is now unknown.

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