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In Tower of Fantasy, players can use relics to explore the open world of the MMORPG. Some relics can be used in combat, allowing you to eliminate adversaries that are causing you problems. Some relics can be obtained simply by finishing the story, while others can be obtained through the use of gift boxes. Consequently, if you are uncertain as to which SSR relics you should obtain or use, one of which is the Colossus Arm, that’s one of the best SSR Relics in Tower of Fantasy! Here’s why

Colossus Arm is The SSR Relics that You Must Get First in Tower of Fantasy!

Colossus Arm Tower of Fantasy

In reality, there is no wrong answer when choosing an SSR relic; nonetheless, we favour a relic that has an anti-CC and causes greater damage to the opponent. The Colossus Arm is among the most valuable relic in the Tower of Fantasy. Even though it is free, players can upgrade the relic to make it more potent than it was before. With the addition of the SSR Colossus Arm star relic, players will obtain the following status enhancements. Here’s a description of the star enhancement of Colossus Arm in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 1*: Releases 2 missiles each time dealing damage to enemies
  • 2*: Cooldown reduced to 200 seconds
  • 3*: Releases a total of 4 missiles each time dealing damage to enemies
  • 4*: Reduces physical damage by 2% even when the Colossus Arm is not used.
  • 5*: Increases lifespan by 30 seconds and reduces all damage when the Colossus Arm is active by 20%.

As you can see from above, players can gain significant additional effects and defence buffs by upgrading their Colossus Arm. Therefore, we recommend the SSR Colossus Arm relic to be prioritized in the Tower of Fantasy game.

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