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A boy named Huang from China, precisely in Fushun city, Sichuan province, was recently found to have spent 3,800 yuan in donations for his father’s medical expenses for mobile games. This incident was discovered when a relative of Huang’s father, who wanted to pay the hospital fees, was unable to pay because the money was missing somewhere.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that the money they had donated had gone missing and had been spent by Huang to play games on the Xiaomi Game Center, a mobile gaming platform. Uncle Huang had asked Xiaomi to refund the money, and at first, they did not believe the story, but after a journalist checked and the company conducted a background check, the money was finally returned to his family in whole.

Huang’s father reportedly suffered from terminal brain cancer and had died, while his wife died 10 years earlier. His father was Huang’s only financial support, working in construction before falling ill. Despite his regrets, the 12-year-old Huang couldn’t do anything, and along with his 15-year-old brother was eventually put into an orphanage.

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