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Project CPW is a new RPG mobile game developed by That Summer Games which is currently opening its pre-registration on Android. This game presents an open world gameplay where players are free to roam in a vast world including climbing, flying, diving, and much more.

Project CPW presents the freedom for players to interact with the open world, without a protagonist, with each character having their own goals, legends and of course skills.

Project CPW Free to Roam RPG Games

As mentioned above, Project CPW is a game where players are free to explore. This game was developed using Unreal Engine 5 where all actions performed will be intuitively used using the well-known engine. This game will not only create a slick storyline but also use a traditional RPG, with a variety of characters that can be used, and players can explore the world from the eyes of each character.

Project CPW

In terms of gameplay, Project CPW has a variety of characters who have their own style, abilities, and weapons that can be used to kill enemies and increase their level in the game. Until now, That Summer Games, which is the new developer, has opened pre-registration for the game, and players can register on the taptap.

If you’re interested, you can download the game in the future for Android, and although it hasn’t been announced on iOS yet. Otherwise, players can play this game on PC using Emulator!

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