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Little Nightmare, a popular Bandai Namco game that is a side-scrolling narrative adventure game, will be published on mobile shortly. Playing with a gloomy narrative about a young child in a yellow robe in this horror realm is available for Android and iOS.

The indie game that was popular on PC and consoles in 2017 is now available to mobile gamers. If you’re unfamiliar, Little Nightmare is an RPG adventure game with no conversation or narrative, comparable to Limbo or Inside.

Little Nightmare is Coming to Android and iOS!

Little Nightmare Mobile

While playing the game, players will learn the plot by witnessing each event. With a bunch of horrifying monsters to avoid, Little Nightmare, the series’ first of its series, has players play as characters dressed in yellow raincoats exploring a ship full of terrifying monsters. These terrible monsters will murder your character, so think quickly and utilize your head to save the protagonist.

Little Nightmare Mobile Release Date:

Little Nightmare does not yet have an exact release date for the mobile version, and until now there is no page related to the release of the game on the Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Further information will be provided on our website, so stay tuned for information regarding Little Nightmare Mobile.

Little Nightmare Mobile Video Trailer:

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