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Mobile Legends just release a new update on the advanced server, patch 1.7.16, which provides various changes and damage reductions to several established characters. Some heroes receive buffs that we have released, like the new hero Joy, who finally receives an increase in damage since she is regarded as not too useful, while some OP heroes, such as Beatrix, receive a nerf that ultimately reduces the damage she had.

Nerf Beatrix Mobile Legends:

Nerf Beatrix Mobile Legends

Moonton reveals that they want to reduce Beatrix’s one-shot damage while improving other features. As a result, Beatrix’s damage is reduced in multiple areas, including passive skills, basic attacks, weapons, and ultimate. First, in terms of passive, Beatrix players will notice an increase in reloading time.

After that several attacks such as Renner who is a sniper will get a damage reduction from 360-465% >> 365-400%, increase initial damage in the early game, while reducing damage in the late game, and Wesker who becomes a Shotgun gets a damage reduction from 125-195 % >> 150-220% with the reduced damage from 50% >> 25%. In addition, Moonton also reduces the ultimate damage from Beatrix for Wesker from 295-445+110% Physical attack >> 350-550 + 130% Physical attack.

This Mobile legends nerf is intended to reduce the overall burst damage ability of Beatrix.

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