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Mobile Legends just released an update patch on the advanced server, which included various buffs and nerfs for established characters. One of the Mobile Legends heroes that received nerfs was support, who just had a rework, particularly Faramis, who eventually suffered successive nerfs, as detailed below.

Mobile Legends Nerfs Faramis for Skill 1, 2 and Ultimate:

Moonton’s nerf in the last patch release was intended to reduce Faramis’s damage and utility abilities. They gives Faramis a reduces the cooldown of the first skill from 15 seconds to 18 seconds, and the Second skill damage from 330-480 + 144% magic power to 300-450 + 108% magic power.

In addition, Faramis also got a nerf in his ultimate from Extra HP: 700-900 >> 600-800. Of course, the patch note of the nerf will reduce Faramis hero’s ability, But, it appears that this nerf will have little effect on the popularity of the support hero.

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC:

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