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Mobile Legends, In addition to Guinevere who will get a revamp to her legend skins in the game, Moonton will also provide a few other changes for some of his heroes. Reportedly, both the splash art and entrance effects will be changed in the future, and seeing some of the heroes who get these changes, not a few think that this change was made because of the trial between Riot Games and Moonton.

The reason is that besides Guinevere, Yve, and Zilong Summer skins, which a moment ago had a problem with getting the update. Not only that, this change is quite sudden, without any prior notification which seems to indicate that Moonton is in a hurry to make the update.

Mobile Legends Revamp Skins and Entrance Effect:

Although other media said this change was welcomed, the truth is that some players actually expressed their disappointment because Mobile Legends changed the skin. Comments given by players seem to be very disappointed with the updates that Moonton might give in the future.

This change has reportedly been updated on the Mobile Legends advance server, but it is not yet known when it will be updated on the Original server.

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