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Lesley was one of the Mobile Legends heroes who received a revamp in the MOBA Mobile Legends game. When compared to other heroes, this marksman hero is not very competitive. This is why Moonton decided to redesign this Mobile Legends hero.

So, if you’re a Lesley user, here are the details on Lesley’s revamp, which eventually transformed her into a Tank Destroyer with True Damage!

Revamp Lesley Mobile Legends:

Lesley Mobile Legends


  • New effect: Critical Lethal Shot deals True Damage
  • Base Damage Critical reduced to 140%
  • Every point of 0.5% Physical Penetration is changed to a 0.5% Chance of Crit
  • Damage: 120% Physical Attack >> 110% Physical Attack

Skill 1:

  • Extra Physical attack 75-200 >> 85-100

The buff’s existence seems to appear as a counter for dealing with the jungle meta tanks that have been prevalent in past seasons. Heroes such as Balmond, Akai, and others are to blame for the this and Lesley, who has no Physical Penetration effect seems to be underwhelming.

When you think about it, Moonton’s buff makes sense because the passive negates the present penetration effect, and this marksman hero certainly cannot combat the tanker hero that is becoming stronger in the late game. Yes, with this upgrade, Lesley should be even more powerful in the MOBA Mobile Legends game!

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