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Because of the notch that occupies the space normally occupied by the status bar on the iPhone, users are unable to view the percentage of battery life displayed there. If they want to see the battery percentages, users will need to pull up the iPhone control centre to see the percentage of battery they have, but this will change soon in iOS 16.1.

This is due to the fact that the battery percentage becomes a feature that can be activated in the update for iOS 16. Which means that can be used to indicate the amount of battery percentage you have. This can be used to show how much battery percentage you have.

This feature will be made available to you no matter which version or model of the iPhone you own especially those that have FaceID.

Some users have noted on forums that the battery percentage information now permits FaceID notches for those that provide a number above the battery symbol in the initial beta version of iOS 16 for developers. This was discovered by some users that had already downloaded the OS.

This is for sure a good update for iOS 16.1 that will update the battery percentages view.

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