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Joy is a new hero in the MOBA Mobile Legends game. This hero brings players unique gameplay that combines MOBA elements with rhythm games. She is an assassins type hero that has magic requirements.

Her gameplay mechanic is a little tiring, where players need to get a total of 4 stacks with a perfect rhythm to get stronger damage. Well, after trying Joy for a while on the advanced server, here are some important tips and things that you should know before buying this Mobile Legends hero.

Important Things Before Buying Joy Mobile Legends!

1. Don’t buy this hero if your ping is bad

If the ping you have is bad, this Hero may not be very useful. The skill and damage given by Joy really depend on her 2nd Skill. Worse yet, to use skill 2 well, Joy must get the perfect rhythm, to get the highest damage. The skill also needs to be done in succession, or else the stack will go out after some minutes and you will need to hit enemies with each succession.

2. If You have a laggy phone

Joy Mobile Legends

Similar to the reason that requires Joy to be played with good ping, the skills possessed by Joy are quite complicated when played with cellphones that often frame. Joy’s skills will be very difficult to hit the enemy when the cellphone is framing or lags, and may even anger you.

3. If you don’t Like High-Risk High Return Heroes

Joy has the unique ability to inflict more damage on players depending on the stack she has, and can use her ultimate when her stack reaches a certain stack. This requires Joy to enter the battlefield amid the cc effect and high damage so that she will die easily.

This hero has low health which makes it very easy to die. However, armed with high mobility, and annoying CC immune effects accompanied by exciting abilities, this hero is one of the heroes that is suitable for use, especially for those who like challenging heroes.

4. Joy is hard to use in late games

Joy Mobile Legends

As an assassin, Joy is one of the useful heroes in the early game with high damage, and because of her ability to be difficult in the early game, this hero has many opportunities to come back when using the wrong skill.

In the late game, Joy will be very difficult to make a comeback in the late game because the damage given by the enemy is quite high, and there is no CC effect such as stun or suppressed that can be used, making this one hero unable to immediately enter the war to pick up the enemy. from behind and kill them.

Joy is the latest mobile legends hero who will reportedly be released soon in the MOBA game developed by Moonton. There is a reason why Joy is rarely used or made content on Youtube by some of the well-known Mobile Legends Youtubers.

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