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Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble is a new animated series from the Free Fire Tales Animated Series. Introducing new characters named Tatsuya Gracia and his brother Shirou, the audience will be led on an emotional roller coaster as they learn the significance of ‘The Power of Togetherness’

The animation will be released on September 24, 2022, and will have a number of dramatic story twists and exciting action wrapped in Free Fire-themed short stories.

Free Fire Tales: Double Trouble tells the stories of 2 Brother

Beginning September 23rd, Free Fire users will also have access to a range of intriguing web-based events featuring exclusive in-game content. Double Trouble recounts the tale of Tatsuya and Shirou, two brothers who must overcome their differences in order to confront evil.

This new series will follow Tatsuya as he uncovers the truths buried in a world he does not comprehend, all the while learning about himself. As part of their journey to comprehend the significance of brotherhood, the audience can follow the two’s stories.

If interested, players can watch the trailer below:

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