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Wanwan is often one of the heroes who gets the highest ban since the buff given by Moonton. Due to her ultimate ability which is now easier to use, with immune damage, making this hero very difficult to kill.

Worse yet, this hero also has high damage with high mobility, cc immune, so that he finally gets a nerf that reduces Wanwan’s utility. This nerf is given on the advanced server and will reset the Ultimate of wanwan as before revamped.

Nerf Wanwan Mobile Legends

Wanwan Ultimate Nerf

  • Ultimate (↓)
    Ultimate can only be used on enemies whose weakness or passive has been solved.

The nerf given by Moonton is actually significant because it restores the ability of Wanwan’s ultimate skill as before it was buffed or revamped.

Generally, Wanwan will break her passive on enemy tank users, and use her ultimate skill on other heroes such as marksman or mage who have lower health. By doing this, the wanwan user will definitely get 1 kill from every use of the ultimate.

Items such as the Winter truncheon which has an immune damage effect become an important item to counter her. So, what do you think about the nerf given by Moonton? Will the effect be significant to her pick rate?

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