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Google Play is getting a slew of big upgrades that will make it much easier to discover and install apps on other devices when using your phone. It is stated that Google Remote install are now available!

Google announced the changes in a blog post, revealing three big improvements to Google Play. You’ll soon (or may already) be able to swipe over to a new “Other devices” tab for app recommendations for other devices.

You can also use device search filters to only see apps designed for devices other than your current phone. Finally, and most importantly, you’ll be able to add apps and games to devices like as your watch, or tablet.

The image above shows how installing to additional devices will look. Tap the down arrow next to the “Install” button to be prompted with alternative devices on which the program can be installed. This might range from a watch to using your Chromecast with Google TV.

An example of an app search followed by device filtering can be seen on the far right of the same image. When you’re on your phone and want a new music app for your watch, you can now search and filter for it, pick your device and then install it.

However, this update is currently only available for Pixel 6. Those who are waiting for the update should try to update their Play Store by going to your profile and settings, about, and then updating the Play Store.

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