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Among Us, in conjunction with the Chilean meat, Super Pollo, will launch chicken nuggets shaped like crewmates into space. Several well-known Among Us streamers also contributed to the creation and distribution of this project.

If you didn’t know, Super Polo is One of the most well-known names in the Chilean meat industry. They are responsible for more than fifty per ent of all chickens sold in the country’s national market.

It is just recently known that it had collaborated with InnerSloth to create chicken nuggets in the shape of the crewmates made as chicken nuggets to be launched into space, in a video.

Among Us Nuggets Launch in The Space!

This video was uploaded to YouTube by Dylantero, who also contributed to the launch of the balloon with chicken nuggets from Among Us.

After being suspended in the air for a period of time greater than five minutes at a height of 32 miles above mean sea level, the chicken nuggets and the balloon eventually descend back to the surface of the earth 14 minutes later. Definitely one of the most interesting events in 2022, Among Us Crewmates launch in the air as a chicken nugget.

Those that are interested in the game can download and play it for free on android, iOS and PC by using an emulator. The game also collaborates with VTuber Hololive ID and EN recently, introducing Gawr Gura and Moona Hoshinova in the game as a cosmetic items.

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