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Apex Legends Mobile constantly adds new legends to the game. Since its release, the creators have included mobile-exclusive legends in addition to traditional and well-known PC legends. According to a recent leak shared by Apex Mobile Leaks on Twitter, Wattson from PC of Apex Legends will be the next addition to the lineup.

However, the legend is still in development for the mobile edition of the game, and it is still unknown when it will be released.

Apex Legends Mobile Starting to Develop Wattson

Wattson is a Defense related legend that utilizes electricity. She debuted in Season 2 of Apex Legends. Wattson possesses a collection of diverse and distinctive skills. Her skill set makes her one of the greatest defensive Apex Legends legends. Wattson can occupy a position by herself and continue to provide her team with substantial support concurrently.

Wattson’s tactical ability enables her to create an electrified fence for the team by connecting nodes. This fence can serve as a good defense for the squad, as it prevents adversaries from approaching. Any opponent that breaches the defences will be harmed and hindered. In contrast, Wattson’s passive ability gradually charges her ultimate power.

Apex Legends Mobile Wattson

Wattson’s ultimate ability is one of Apex Legends’ most useful ultimate powers. Her ultimate creates an electrical pylon that disables incoming grenades and restores damage shields in its area of effect. Her pylon functions as an EMP grenade and restores any shield damage within its range.

In the post, no other information regarding Wattson was revealed. The legend’s arrival date has neither been confirmed nor leaked. So, Apex Legends Mobile players will have to be a bit more patient before receiving any information regarding the next legend.

Those interested in the Apex Legends Mobile can download and play it on Android and iOS!

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