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Some time ago Studio Pierrot released a PV for the 20th anniversary of the Naruto anime. There they remake various epic scenes in the anime and provide various opening songs from the Naruto series. Many people love the style including MrBeast, that seems to want the Naruto series to be remade with the art-style version in the PV.

In a tweet about the video, MrBeast asked “How much do I have to pay for each episode like this?”

Naruto Remake by MrBeast?

One of the replies to MrBeast’s tweet, named Leonidus1989, revealed that one episode of Naruto costs around USD 95 thousand. So if the Naruto remake has a quality like Attack on Titan Season 4, you could say it’s around USD 150 thousand.

Of course, removing all the arc fillers in the Naruto anime, you could say that in Season 1 Naruto would require at least USD 9 million or around IDR 137 billion. This made it seems that MrBeast was ready to pay for this in order to be able to watch Naruto with such epic quality.

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