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This year, Riot Games announced a port of Valorant Mobile, and there have been numerous leaks for the Android version. Sadly, we have not yet received the announcement for the iOS version, but a recent leak has been known as to what we can expect in Valorant Mobile iPhone.

The leak indirectly reveals the minimum requirements for playing the FPS mobile game on an iPhone. Valorant Mobile may be compatible with old generation iPhone. Valiant Mobile has reportedly been tested on multiple iPhone models, ranging from the iPhone 5s to the most recent iPhone models.

It is pretty sceptical that the leak’s iPhone 5s model runs AAA games smoothly. This is something new because the Call of Duty Mobile game alone is incompatible with iPhone 5s devices. There is no information on the release of this Valorant Mobile game, nor is there any information regarding the release of Riot Games’ first-person shooter mobile game.

Valorant is a first-person shooter in which players can use a variety of agents with unique powers. The gameplay is comparable to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but with its own unique twist and flair.

Valorant will be released on mobile later this year, but Riot has not yet verified the newest information.

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