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After a lengthy absence, Age of Empires is now available on mobile devices. Fans interested in the mobile edition can play the Age of Empire on Windows Phone, which was eventually discontinued by Microsoft, and can now experience the game once more. Microsoft revealed a new mobile version of the game during the 25th anniversary Livestream event.

With a 20-second preview for the AoE Mobile Global Version, we can get a feel for the Age of Empire 4-like Android and iOS games. The only relevant information is a scene in which cavalry forces or cavalry pass through a settlement.

Age of Empire Mobile Trailer:

Please note that the Chinese version of AoE was already available. It is not all that surprising, given that many fans in that country enjoy playing RTS games such as Age of Empire. Tencent TiMi Studio will collaborate with Microsoft Xbox Game Studio and World Edge Studio to develop the mobile version.

However, only World’s Edge will build the global edition of the mobile game for the English version. It is currently unknown whether this game will be a port of the Chinese version of the mobile game to the English language. Age of Empire Mobile’s release date has not yet been revealed, however, a beta test may be available in 2023.

What we know for sure is that this game will be released on Android and iOS!

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