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Undecember How to Farm and Get Gold Easily is a guide we will provide on our site. Undecember is a hack-and-slash action RPG that allows players to kill monsters and improve their character. To level up and increase their strength, players need to buy a lot of gear that requires gold.

This time we will provide a little guide on how to get gold to buy Gear Items, Potions and many more from merchants. Here is a guide that you can use to efficiently get and farm gold easily! Check out the article below!

UNDECEMBER GUIDE – How to Farm and Get Gold Easily!

Gold is one of the currencies that can be used to purchase goods and equipment in the game UNDECEMBER. It takes a very long time to gain gold by completing quests and finishing the map to 100%. The issue is that gold is required to purchase items in the game. It will be relatively simple to exhaust the earned gold, especially when purchasing equipment.

Here, the most effective and efficient way to farm gold is to organize a team with your buddies and play in the Spire of Barrier.

Spire of Barrier the Most Efficient Way to Farm Gold

Spire of Barrier is a wave challenge where you have to fight monsters that will come in a row. There are 4 difficulties in the challenge with different gold rewards. Here’s how much you can earn in Spire of Barrier depending on the difficulty:

  • Easy Difficulty – 18.000 Gold dan 125 Gemstones
  • Medium Difficulty – 46.000 Gold dan 250 Gemstones
  • Hard Difficulty – 160.000 Gold dan 500 Gemstones
  • Chaos – 480.000 Gold dan 3000 Gemstones

Obviously, as each wave progresses, the monsters’ powers will rise, hence raising the difficulty and causing you to become increasingly overwhelmed. You can assemble a group of players to take on the daily Spire of Barrier for more money and jewels. You can complete this UNDECEMBER challenge daily and receive prizes based on the level of difficulty you select.

So What are you doing now, get your gold and farm more efficiently!

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