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The Undecember Rune Upgrade is one of the numerous guides we offer for new the new ARPG games. Creating high-level equipment is a crucial aspect of the game. Specifically for ARPGs like UNDECEMBER, as it will help you eliminate more powerful monster. Especially as the game progresses and the monsters become tougher.

Runes are significant in addition to equipment, notably in the game UNDECEMBER. This is because runes provide you with suitable weapon build options based on your rune that you use. Upgrades and changes to the your Runes grade guide are therefore highly desired by UNDECEMBER gamers. Here, we will summarize all we know about the game Rune System.

UNDECEMBER Guide – How to Upgrade Rune Grade

It should be mentioned that in the Undecember game, players must have materials in order to improve or change the grade of their runes. Skill Runes will be required depending on the build, and link runes will be utilized to connect skill runes in the rune tree to enhance the grade. The following ingredients are required to raise the Rune grade to Rare:

  • Magic Upgrade Essence
  • Rare Upgrade Essence

How to Get them:

These two materials can be gained by completing missions, maps, or fighting bosses. These two materials can also be purchased in the Ore Shop using Gemstones of Merit, which can only be gained at higher rankings.

  • Magic Upgrade Essence will be rewarded as much as 150 Gemstones
  • Rare Upgrade Essence will be rewarded as much as 800 Gemstones

The Rune Upgrade NPC:

To upgrade Runes, go to the Rune NPCs in the city and select Rune Enchant. You can then upgrade the grade of your runes by pressing them on your rune tree. You can improve the Link Rune by pressing the Link rune and then registering it. If you meet the conditions, the Magic Upgrade essence will be highlighted on the left, and you can press the Enchant button. You can also upgrade Runes to Legendary, which takes Legendary Upgrade Essence, which can also be obtained from the Ore Shop.

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