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AI has been on an ongoing streak since the application or software had been showcase on the internet. But there are actually many apps to create AI Art easily without using anything. Simply by inputting your command, you can create this AI Arts easily. If you are looking for one, here are some of the best AI Apps that you can use on your android phone to create AI Art.

1. starryai

starryai. allows you to create beautiful artworks in a single step. Simply enter a prompt for the AI to work with (anything goes!) including emojis, Choose your favourite style, and you’re done. Your AI-generated artwork will be ready for viewing in minutes.


2. Dawn

Dawn will use a cutting-edge AI technology, create stunning artwork from words. Simply provide a language prompt and let Dawn AI create a whole new—and stunningly beautiful—image. All just the push of a button. Using AI and your imagination, you may create amazing, unique works of art.

Using the groundbreaking technology of Dawn AI, you will produce material that has never been seen before—all based on your own text description. A snow fox clothed in fantastical armor in the style of Pixar? No worries. A bird’s-eye view of a massive fish tank built like a tower? Paint it using AI’s capability. Or how about the lovely, bright, and majestic Italian Riviera? With the press of a button, you can have it.


3. Dream by Wombo

Use the power of AI to create stunning artwork! Enter a prompt, select an art style, and watch WOMBO’s Dream. In seconds, your idea will be transformed into an AI-powered painting. Fill in the blanks with whatever you want to make and anything else you may think of are just a handful of the billions of possible paintings. Allow your imagination to run wild!


4. Photoleap AI Art by Lightricks

With Photoleap’s sophisticated AI image generator, you can create incredible AI art. You don’t need a paintbrush to make abstract, deep dream AI artworks with Photoleap. You are the next great artist, using powerful art styles, a blender, and your own creative imagination.

Photoleap has a mind-blowing AI creative capabilities that bring your imagination to life before your eyes, Photoleap’s new picture editor brings the power of AI to Android. The simple AI art generator allows you to express any idea for a picture and then generates it almost instantly.


5. AI Art – AI Image Generator

Do you want to make a captivating piece of art? Or are you seeking for a means to turn your wildest ideas into paintings? AI Art has got your back! Based on language prompts, this art generator generates unique paintings. Forget about the difficulties of scouring the internet for the image or the art tools required to create your own design. All you have to do is describe your concept, and the AI painter will execute the rest!


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