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Survivor io Tier list is probably one of the most recent guides in the game. Survivor io is one of the most popular games currently with tons of equipment that you can use called Tech Parts.

Weapon, armor, necklace and more parts can be used to increase your character performance in the game. As such, here are some of the best weapon tier list in Survivor io that you can use to utilize and become more powerful in the game.

Survivor io Tier List November 2022!


  • Phase Converter
  • Quantum Polarizer
  • Antimatter Generator


  • Exo-Skeleton
  • Energy Collector
  • Gravity Controller
  • Precision Device
  • Annihilator
  • Hi-Maintainer


  • Energy Diffuser
  • Nanobot


  • Conductive Device

How to Increase Tech Part Survivor io Rating:

You can upgrade by combining two tech pieces of the same grade. For example, combine X2 regular grade tech parts to obtain X1 good grade tech part. On the equipment -> merge screen, choose the tech component you want to upgrade, followed by two identical tech parts of the same grade.

So there you have it, some of the best tech parts that you can use in the game The game offers so many different parts that could be upgraded and uses. So hopefully this article will be able to help you in grinding in the game. Check out our other guide for more information regarding the game Survivor io.

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