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How to Fight against the latest Genshin Impact 3.2 boss Shouki no Kami the Prodigal Guide easily!

The latest update of Genshin Impact version 3.2 Akasha Plumes, The Kalpa Flame Rises has finally been released. Presents Sumeru’s conclusion with the addition of local characters that can be obtained by using pull gacha. This update also comes with a new boss battle that will add more challenge and fun to the game.

The Doctor, who imprisoned Nahida and the player who must save her by killing the Third Boss Fatui Harbinger. The Ballader will turn itself into a mechanical puppet that has 2 forms and various elemental skills that will kill you.

Genshin Impact Guide – Shouki no Kami, The Prodigal

Genshin Impact Shouki no Kami

A fairly difficult battle with Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal will be divided into 2 phases, and these are some things that players can expect in the fight. This boss fight update utilize a new feature, where players can use Neo Akasha Terminal to help them fight the boss.

During the first phase of Shouki no Kami will use AOE Attack with various elements, with energy blocks that will appear in that phase. Players can use these energy blocks to charge the Neo Akasha terminal. Once charged, the player must move towards the Elemental Matrix, and press a button to activate the effect. Depending on the element used to charge the terminal, players will get several effects.

Terminal Effect Depending on The Elements Charge:

  • Pyro: Removes the Raw Frost Effect
  • Cryo: Removed the effect of Remnant Flame
  • Anemo: Creates an upcurrent that can be used to dodge attacks
  • Hydro: Gives a healing effect
  • Electro: Stun lock boss for a while and give him an overlord effect.

The second phase of Shouki no Kami, is the boss will have shield. After a while, the same energy blocks will also drop down, and can be used with the same effect as just mentioned above. In this round, the terminal can also be used to deal damage to The Prodigal. Please note that after destroying the shield, the boss will be enraged and will released 2 skills named Setsuna Shoumetsu and Nirvana Engine.

The Nirvana Engine can be destroyed using Elemental Reaction, and players must use the Terminal to electrocute and stun the boss, then kill it quickly.

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