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An event in which Mobile Legends and the Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. collaborate is now taking place. In the following, you will find information regarding the release date of the partnership, as well as what we have discovered about the collaboration between the two.

In a tweet from the official Mobile Legends twitter, it was announced that there would be an MLBB event collaboration. The tweet says that this person has succeeded in making various miracles  and is known as a superstar in the world of football, and now he’s coming to the Land of Dawn, guess who he is, and do you want to compete with him on the same battlefield?

Before the teaser of this event was released itself, Neymar had tweeted that he had gotten the Yu Zhong skin, indirectly indicating that he was a fan or at least had play the game. A few hours later, Moonton revealed Neymar’s collaboration on the mobile legends advance server, with Bruno being the hero who got the skin. Bruno Neymar Skins are since October 2022 on the advance server.

Although it’s not confirmed yet, it’s rumoured that this skin will be released after mid-November 2022. This means that the Neymar skin will be available after the 11.11 event and after the Saint Seiya event collaboration ends.

Mobile Legends x Neymar Skin Leaks

Mobile Legends Neymar

This Neymar Jr skin will come with an exclusive sticker that may be given away for free. Some rumours also reveal that this Neymar JR skin will be given free to players, by playing games, collecting tickets, and so on.

However, this information has not been directly confirmed by Moonton, and is still just a rumor. If you are a fan of Neymar, then you definitely have to have this new Bruno skin in Mobile Legends. It has been believed that Moonton will release this cooperation in Mobile Legends in the month of November 2022 specifically.

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