By Jay / / 2022 Apple News

Apple confirmed that due to the COVID issue in China’s Zhengzhou, there will be a delay in shipping the iPhone 14 pro model. There is going to be a reduction in operating capacity will reduce the number of devices that will be sent out, especially for the iPhone 14 Pro. This is because Zhengzhou is the main of Foxconns, which is the assembly site for the iPhone 14 Pro, experiencing COVID problems.

Apple release an official statement, which indicated that there will be a delay in the shipping of the two pro models. Users who have been waiting for the iPhone Pro model may discover that it might not be available in the market.

This is the first time that Apple has release a press release during the COVID-19 pandemic that is connected to the development of the iPhone in its entirety. However, Apple has merely stated that the delivery of both models will be delayed for an undetermined amount of time. They have not specified whether or not this issue will have an effect on the price and its severity

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