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Yve got nerfs and buffs from Moonton in the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Yve himself is a mage who dominated the Mobile Legends game because of the skill effects he had. Dominating the Mobile Legends game with slow effects, and high damage makes it quite annoying when fought.

This is what causes Moonton to reduce the distance from Yve’s ultimate overall. In the previous few patches, Ultimate Yve has actually gotten a distance reduction so that Yve himself can be targeted and easily countered.

However, this nerf is considered too annoying, so players get an anti-interrupt CC effect during the skill. This is intended to reduce damage and simplify the counters but does not reduce the experience when using Yve in Mobile Legends.

Nerf and Buff for Yve Mobile Legends:

Yve Mobile Legends

The nerf and buff from Yve itself is the recovery of the slow effect that was previously replaced by Moonton, and gives an anti-CC effect when using the ultimate. Now, when using Ultimate, Yve will get a shield that will protect him from CC effects used by enemies.

Eudora’s lightning stun, Chou’s effect, and so on will have no effect on Yve and remove Yve’s ultimate skill when used while still giving the intended effect. However, Yve will still stop using skills when Franco and Kaja try to use them, which have a suppression effect in the MOBA game.

Well, of course these buffs and nerfs require settings from players who use yve right? Yes, even so, this update is still being tested on the Advance server and has not been released on the original server.

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