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Earlier this year, League of Legends Riot Games sued Shanghai Moonton for copyright infringement, and it was recently revealed that the case was finally dismissed. The United States court said the case should have been settled in China.

This is because Moonton itself is a Chinese company, while Riot, although based in Los Angeles, is a company owned by a large Chinese conglomerate, Tencent. Moonton signalled ‘Forum non-conveniens’ which meant this trial should have been carried out in a more appropriate court, and although Riot rejected this, the Court ultimately sided with Moonton and dismissed the case.

Mobile Legends x Riot Games:

The prosecutor also revealed that Tencent had opened another lawsuit in Moonton China, and believed that this was unfair to Moonton with Riot and Tencent fighting 2 on 1 with Moonton, unless Tencent himself was present in both courts.

This is not the first lawsuit between Riot Games and Moonton related to League of Legends and Mobile Legends. Here, Riot Games itself had sued Moonton in 2017, which caused Mobile Legends to be removed from the Play Store and App Store for a while.

Mobile Legends has finally been re-registered as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with a few changes. However, Riot Games said it disagreed with the court’s decision and revealed that the courts in China were inadequate for US companies with copyright infringement.

What’s more, Riot said that the Moonton games is not available in China and they will utilize all possible option including appeal.

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